of South Africa

c/n 88-9922

The North American Harvard in South Africa

Individual Aircraft History

C/N 88-9922

SAAF 7156






C/N 88-9922


SAAF Harvard 7156

Harvard Club of South Africa





c/n 88-9922 Nice air-to-air of a SAAF Harvard IIA just up from the Air Force Base at Durban, circa 1951*.
                                     This was one of the Harvards destined for the RAF (where it was to have become EX302. but
                                     diverted instead to South Africa as part of the EFTS).  When the SAAF retired it in 1966 it went
                                     to the Portuguese Air Force as 1545.  In 1980 it was sold in the UK and is still current, I believe,
                                     as G-BICE. 
                                     *  Don Sykes in South Africa advises me that the shot was, indeed, early 1951 and the Harvard
                                     was being flown by his father, Capt. Bill Sykes who was OC 5 Squadron, based at Stamford Hill,
                                     Durban at the time.  Capt Sykes went on, a short time later, to join 2 Squadron, SAAF in Korea
                                     on P-51s, attached to the USAF's 18th Fighter-bomber Wing.
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