of South Africa

c/n 88-15069

The North American Harvard in South Africa

Individual Aircraft History

C/N 88-15069


SAAF 7530

SAAF 7700


The aircraft was built by North American Aviation and was diverted from the US to the RAF with tail number EX989

Delivered to the SAAF with serial number 7530.

The aircraft was transferred to the Gabon Presidential Guard on the 15th of December 1970 and was identified by the letter “E”.

The aircraft was later returned to the SAAF with the tail number 7700.

The aircraft went to the Trade Test Centre at Olifantsfontein Gauteng in 1986 for use as a trade test machine,.

Later transferred to the SAA Apprentice Training School and used as an instructional airframe

The aircraft was registered in 1991 as ZS-WLQ.





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