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The North American Aviation Harvard





Some South African art depicting the North American Harvard




Harvard Art Darryl Legg Copy of Oudshoorn 2008 051

SAAF Harvard

Artist: Darryl Legg




Harvard Art SAAF Harvard Banking Gerald Smith


SAAF Harvard Banking
Oil Pastel on Canson Paper

Artist: Gerald Smith






Harvard Art SAAF Harvard 7289 Gerald Smith

SAAF Harvard 7289 over lighthouse
Artist: Gerald Smith


Medium: Acrylic on Board (unframed)
Size: 400 x 280 mm
Price: R500.00
Facebook: facebook.com/geraldsmithart
Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it




Harvard Art T-6 Late Arrival Don Bell

The SAAF Harvard Trainer

Artist: Don Bell



Title: Late Arrival - Harvard




SAAF North American Harvard T-6 banks over Port Elizabeth south of the Airport to announce its late arrival and to request permission to land. The first prototype flew in 1937, the T6-G had a top speed of 341 kmh at sea level with an operational ceiling of 6500m. A batch of 9 Mk Is were delivered between 1940 and 1942, and the SAAF took delivery of their first batch of Harvard Mk IIs in 1942, with deliveries continuing until four Harvards were purchased from the Belgian Air Force in 1961. The SAAF operated a number of variants, including the MkII (Designated in the US as AT-6C), Mk IIIs (designated in the US as AT-6D or SJN-4) and the T-6G, the rebuilt version of World War II vintage machines. (Extract from SAAF Museum website)


Ref No. T-006

Size: 595 x 435mm landscape format

Medium: Oil on canvas

Date: February 2010

Price: R1,667.00


Don Bell website: http://donbellartist.com


Harvard Art harvard team water skiing paul treleven


Harvard Team

Water Skiing

Paul Treleven






Harvard Art SAAF Harvard Stormy Weather paul treleven


SAAF Harvard Stormy Weather
Paul Treleven





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